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Hello, I'm Mark and I run Iron Man Records, the record label has been running since 1996. I set up the Birmingham Music Network in 2000. I've organised more than 1000 gigs in and around Birmingham since 1994 as Badger Promotions. Since 2002 I have continued to put on shows but most of my work these days tends to be as a Tour Manager with touring bands. I play guitar in a band called Last Under The Sun and another one called Police Bastard.

Police Bastard

This is the online shop for Iron Man Records. The shop carries all the releases on Iron Man Records and most of the releases carried by the Distro that I take to gigs. Everything I sell is brand new, in mint condition and in many cases, shrink wrapped and sealed.

I source the records from the bands themselves or from their distributors. I don't handle any second hand stuff. I wish I could stock everything I like but I don't have the financial resources to do that. I stock my favourite records and the items that sell well at gigs. I have put some of the items up on Amazon and eBay but the bastards take 30% on everything that moves, so my prices tend to get forced 30% higher. Items that Amazon sell themselves will always "appear" cheaper as Amazon are registered in Luxembourg and don't pay VAT on anything.

This shop is the cheapest and easiest place to get items from Iron Man Records. If you want to compare prices with eBay you can find the Iron Man online shop on eBay here selling everything from cds to t-shirts, vinyl, dvds and video.

I'm running this shop on a non-profit making basis so if you think the prices are too high here, you had better get used to it, times are changing and this is what music actually costs these days. Sorry. All monies generated are used to buy more records to sell in the shop. I earn a living as a tour manager so sometimes I'm away for a week or two so if there is any delay on your order I will send you and email and let you know when I'm back. You can also be reassured that if I earn my money as a tour manager then I don't need to make a profit from selling records here, I run the shop to be sure good music is always available at fair prices. That's about it really.

If you do happen to buy something and it arrives damaged, or is not what you wanted, then just let me know and i'll issue a full refund when you send the item back. I can cover the postage costs too if you want, or I can swap it for something else. I might be a lot of things but I love music and I'll do my best to make sure you get what you want. You can email me with any questions here