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P.A.I.N featuring Howard Marks & Larry MacDonald - Let Me Grow More Weed CD

Image of P.A.I.N featuring Howard Marks & Larry MacDonald - Let Me Grow More Weed CD


Howard Marks and the Propaganga and Information Network (P.A.I.N.) recorded a song called "Let me grow more weed." The record aims to introduce the legalisation of Cannabis into a more common arena for discussion and is targeting the unconverted, the people who would not normally take an interest in the cause. Howard and the band are throwing down the gauntlet to the Prime Minister and his Government. They believe Cannabis should be legalised and will not stand aside ever. Howard Marks' book "Mr. Nice" is a best seller, his articles in magazines such are becoming more regular and more notorious. He stands at the front line of the cause to legalise drugs and people are listening. P.A.I.N on a more underground level, are also on the front-line of many different causes and social comment, one of them being the legalisation of Cannabis. "Let me grow more weed" has a message for all to read: Cannabis should be legalised. By releasing this record, Howard and P.A.I.N. believe that together they can influence this coming about and in doing so, save the sanctity of the next generation's freedom from persecution over trivia.

"I have tried every way I can think of to accelerate the day of Cannabis legalisation, thereby ceasing the torture of Cannabis smokers. I've flooded the country with the good herb, I've stood for Parliament, and I've skinned up in police stations. None of it has worked. I needed help. I got it from P.A.I.N., the best guys in the world" - Howard Marks