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Image of ACADEMY MORTICIANS - What Happened? CD


Songs that have more facets than a sharp-cut diamond without ever losing the ability to rock out, the razorblades are wrapped up in sweet candy: three-part harmonies, dive-bombing guitars and hailstorm drumming combining to vigorous effect. Was it worth the wait? Well yes, if politically charged indie punk straight out of the Buzzcocks takes your fancy.

Academy Morticians are a highly political band on Birmingham's Iron Man Records. ....the points made on the album are highly commendable raising issues about large profit making corporations, social standings, media exploitation and much more ...... There are 12 tracks on the "What Happened?" album.....worth listening to is "Reality Casualty".

This band have been going for years now, and finally release their debut album, this was recorded in 2000, but various problems happened with labels, and now Iron Man Records have stepped in to get it released. Academy Morticians are a Birmingham band so far as I know, playing melodic punk. I found this a bit light for the most part, its too tuneful and with the sung vocals, it wasn’t really my thing at all, but I must admit after a couple of plays I like it a little better…. The songs are well crafted and the lyrics are great, intelligent and spot on attitude wise.