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Alice Donut - Ten Glorious Animals (2009) CD

Image of Alice Donut - Ten Glorious Animals (2009) CD


Track Listing

1. Mrs Carradine
2. No More Room
3. Wide
4. Don't I Know
5. Lorelei
6. Shiloh
7. Esophagus
8. Old Dominion
9. Prog Jenny
10. The Cavalry
11. Where Is My Mind

Number of CDs: 1
Recording Type: Studio
Recording Mode: Stereo
EAN: 0721616404920

CD - Brand New, sealed, undamaged.

The reformed Donut promised us a trilogy, but it's been such a long wait since 'Three Sisters' and 'Fuzz' that I thought they'd gone again. Suddenly, we have a new album, and they're back with the Alternative Tentacles label too. Feels just like old times. I got it direct from A.T. mail order (handy hint). It's been in the car CD player for a week and I love it. The middle of the album's where the best songs are, in my easily-disregarded opinion. 'Don't I know', Lorelei & Henry' and 'Shiloh' being my faves. I'm not going to attempt any of that song by song critique business here, we all make our own minds up. It's grown-up Donut. You know you're going to buy it.