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DUFUS - The Last Classed Blast CD

Image of DUFUS - The Last Classed Blast CD


Track Listing

1. Dawn Crusade
2. Babylon Com
3. Tutu
4. Innabarabie
5. Dissassemblement
6. Heaven Is Waiting
7. Balloon Rocking Chair
8. War Is Over
9. Right On
10. Nenglich Phlarloosebee
11. You Weren't Ready
12. Sacred Charney
13. On and On
14. Lay Down Flat
15. Try More Patiently

Number of CDs: 1
Recording Type: Studio
EAN: 5060132271629

Album Notes
Seth Hebert, Dufus' main man, undoubtedly means very well. His liner note message to readers is a sweet, gentle reflection on the tension between someone unsure where best to place his future efforts and the response from fans who enjoy his music very much, and his list of friends and contributors could fill a small book. But The Last Classed Blast is something so of its early 21st century time that it's impossible to judge it outside of that time -- and ultimately is unique in a way that's going to be irritating to anyone not already convinced. While the artwork and songtitles ("" is, scarily enough, one of the better ones), not to mention the general whimsy/rock atmosphere, seek to stake the group somewhere in the Flaming Lips/Animal Collective/Arcade Fire lineage of Big Folky Meaningfulness, something about this band calls to mind unholy fusions of Rusted Root and Cake as well. It could be the air of extreme wackiness at points, the gabblegabblegabbleheeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyy! style delivery whenever Hebert warms up fully (his dry, light tone is also a bit odd, almost like a goth band reciter in the spindly rather than the basso profundo way), the air of this being what the artier little brother of the Bonnaroo roadie listens to at points. That this may work for some is more than fine, but it's not going to work for everyone without either a lot of mescalin or a complete inability to shut down the speakers. Things initially are alternately jaunty or brisk or briskily jaunty or jauntily brisk, with occasional dramatics and slow tunes in an "oh, that's nice" vein taking the fore more towards the end. ~ Ned Raggett

"Like an encyclopedia of outsider music condensed into a Downtown pagan mystery meeting. Dufus's recent "1:3:1" is the most ironcially anarchic album I've heard all year. As giddy and inventive as it is pissed off, it's the 21st -century equivalent of the Fugs at their finest." --Richard Gehr, Villiage Voice

"Dufus plays frantic fever-dream folk slashed through with rock stabs. The band has ties to the local anti-folk scene, but Dufus exploitations are bigger and more ambitious than those of, say, the Moldy Peaches. It's hard to think of a style not at least touched upon by Dufus, but the group's woozy delirium somehow makes it sound more cohesive than it probably should.--The Onion

"Whether it's a minute, a nano-second or a light year, I'm pretty find of my idiot, nut for Dufus, yeah, sure. I'll set it aside (the idiot)."--Impose

"Astoundingly variegated soundscapes."--Relix

"Fiercely independant, fiercely committed and suitably deranged - Dufus stand alone in their field holding back the waves of corporate crap like a platoon of modern day Canutes." --trakMARX

Dufus presents a deep and transcendent mixture of confrontational songwriting, whip-smart lyricism and massive beats interspersed with avant-punknoise and groundbreaking improvisation; they are helping to define the curve for an awakening generation of artful rock musicians. Their edgy but positive sound vibration has earned them an expanding and loyal following throughout the Northeast and parts of Europe.

Born in 1996 as an open collective for creative musicians, the band has forged excursions into multimedia, rock-opera, junkyard fashion and even orchestral works landing in a hard pocket of 5 solid members. Dufus has toured extensively in the U.S., Europe and Japan, and has shared the stage with The Black Dice, Moldy Peaches, Ween, The Frogs, Animal Collective, Adam Green, Jeffrey Lewis, Cornershop, Regina Spektor, Low, and The Yeah Yeah Yeahs to name a few.

The Onion: "For those who like Frank Zappa but wish he had been weirder, Dufus plays frantic fever-dream folk slashed through with rock stabs...Past opening stints for Ween should sound a signal, but even Dean and Gene Ween must have scratched their heads a time or two."