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John Sinclair & his Motor City Blues Scholars - Detroit Life (2009) CD

Image of John Sinclair & his Motor City Blues Scholars - Detroit Life (2009) CD


CD. Brand New, undamaged. Sent to me for distribution by the man himself, JOHN SINCLAIR.

Detroit Life

John Sinclair & His Motor City Blues Scholars

Release Date: 2009
Recording Date: 2008

No Cover Productions 112


1. Screamers 4:23
2. Let's Call This 3:28
3. April In Paris 3:36
4. Light Blue 2:47
5. Monk's Dream 5:41
6. Hold Your Horn High 6:04
7. Suburban Eyes 4:44
8. All Alone 5:23
9. I'll Follow You 2:49
10. Street Beat 3:37
11. Walking On A Tightrope 5:52
12. Bags Groove 6:44
13. My Buddy 6:50
14. Nutty 7:29
15. That's All 3:29


John Sinclair & His Motor City Blues Scholars:

Johnny Evans - tenor saxophone
James O'Donnell - trumpet
Phil Hale - keyboards
Chris Rumel - bass
Martin "Tino" Gross - drums
Johnnie Bassett - guitar #2,4,8,15
Jeff "Baby" Grand - guitar #1,5,6,11
Lyman Woodard - hammond b-3 organ #1, 14
Duncan McMillan - hammond b-3 organ #15
Ibrahim Jones - bass #12
R.J. Spangler - drums
Milton Hale - drums #12
John "T-Bone" Paxton - trombone #1
Rick Steiger - baritone saxophone #1
Thornetta Davis - backing vocal #6
The Lyman Woodard Organization with Special Guest Marcus Belgrave #13


This is a CD-R

Spoken Word: With Music
Blues: Detroit Blues
Moods: Mood: Intellectual
The Detroit Album is a collection of pieces that John has crafted to showcase the deep stable of talent he has access to here in the motor city. Many of these artists go back decades with John, and they know him and his poetry very well. featuring a who's who of artists ranging from Lyman Woodard to RJ Spangler, Johnnie Bassett, Phil and Milt Hale, Jeff Grand, Johnny Evans, Jame O'Donnel, John Paxton, Rick Steiger, Martin Gross, Chris Rumel, Duncan McMillan and many others.

This is a absolute must have disc for poetry fans and Sinclair fans alike.