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LESS - “And I’ll see you never work again” taunted Florence CD

Image of LESS - “And I’ll see you never work again” taunted Florence CD


Tracks: Swordfish(I Can't believe its not better), Connections, The Idea, Persistance of Vision, 9-5 Murder, Only losers use drugs, Sharon, Dark Matter, Goodnight John, Zippy Said to Bungle, Bye-Bye

Less are another vehicle for the considerable talents of underground wordsmith John Dillinger, better known as charismatic frontman with A.O.S.3 and South London Anarcho activists P.A.I.N. Playing sample fuelled tuneful hardcore, blending ska, jazz and thrashing squalls of punk energy, Less’s uplifting songs provide what John describes as “a full on dynamic sound leaning towards the psychotic end of childish hardcore” In other words, Less are hurling their musical toys out of their prams with unnerving accuracy. John’s distinctive voice and unorthodox song-writing have given LESS an emotive and surrealistic edge making them firm favourites with the underground media. The inclusion in their ranks of former members of cult bands SPANNERMAN and HEADJAM only adds more fuel to their bonfire. John adds “We certainly hope ‘and I’ll see you never work again’ will wind people up – choose LESS, use LESS and do LESS”