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Life in a Blender - Tell Me I'm Pretty CD

Image of Life in a Blender - Tell Me I'm Pretty CD


Audio CD (1 Oct 2002)
Number of Discs: 1
Format: Import
Label: Fang
ASIN: B00006NSG0

1. Something Must Break
2. Kent
3. Hero Rising from the Sea
4. Mobile Wash Unit
5. Dead Get Down
6. Dolly Down the Hole
7. Sex With Cops
8. Sleep for Years
9. Eyes Are Red
10. Paterson Falls
11. Prize at the Bottom
12. Drunks Have All the Answers
13. Party Soon

A Pleasantly Dark and Strange Surprise... 18 Nov 2002
By Jonathan Colcord - Published on
Format: Audio CD
I just latched onto this CD as a result of playing a couple tracks on my radio program. I am surprised that more spot reviews have not been written on this group. In fact, a search of the web will find nothing but discounts on household appliances. On the subject of originality- to me there are two gigantic, but pleasing similarities. Vocalist Don Ralph must be holding a very large torch for David Byrne (Talking Heads), and to a lesser degree Fred Schneider (B-52's). Ralph possesses that dark, keening vocal style reminiscent of Byrne, and perhaps even uses a few of the other expected stylistic tricks. Other times, his natural voice comes very close to the plaintive barking of Schneider. A bit darker than much of the Heads or B-52's material, but these factors alone make this band in instant must have for any fan of those seminal 80's groups, The Talking Heads, or the B-52's. Enjoy it.