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Morus - Cialo Obce (Vinyl) 15th June 2018


MORUS album title "Cialo Obce" translates to "foreign body" or "alien body"

The album is a collaboration between Morus and UNREST, RUIN NATION, IRON MAN RECORDS, LAST HOUR, TRUJACA FALA.

Released 15th June 2018.

Morus started as a band around 2012 in Warsaw. The group went through several name changes and played a few gigs around poland - mostly at squats or independent clubs/places. The band played some DIY festivals inlcuding 'ultra chaos punx picnic' in żelebsko and "outside fest" in Wojcieszów, both in 2016.

Morus recorded their first demo in 2012, the second one in 2016 - they can be still found on bandcamp.

"We put our hearts in it, and time and effort, of course. It's honest. It's Punk. The music is fast but melodic. I think about the lyrics i write carefully. They're angry and political but also Poetic, stuff that is important to me, to us, things that are difficult to deal with, stuff that hurts, rather sad and depressing... " Nika - Morus

Morus has been released on "outside fest vol. V" compilation by ATMAN and "VYVES" compilation by TOO CIRCLE.
releases June 15, 2018