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Image of NIGHTINGALES - Out Of True CD


The Nightingales, one of the UK's truly maverick rock groups released their first new album for twenty years on Monday 2nd October 2006.

The record features fourteen tracks; three re-recordings of recent 7" singles (including "Let's Think About Living" (a recent BBC 6 Music 'single of the week' & Observer Music Monthly 'Track of the Month') , a cover of Kevin Coyne's "Good Boy", a previously unreleased Ray Davies/Kinks song, plus nine brand new group compositions.

On the record the Nightingales' line up; mainstay/band leader/lyricist/ singer Robert Lloyd, original Prefect guitarist Alan Apperley, ex-Pram drummer Daren Garratt, bassist Ste Lowe & wunderkind guitar player Matt Wood - is augmented along the way by the wonderful Gina Birch from the Raincoats duetting with Lloyd on "Black Country", Brummie teen pop sensations Poppy and the Jezebels’ bassoonist Brett Richardson and, on double bass, Stewart Brackley

The record was recorded with Bob Lamb in his studio in Birmingham, England. Bob Lamb is a legendary midlands producer, having made the first few hugely successful UB40 albums and having recorded such bands as Spacemen 3 and Broadcast, amongst many others.

The album is released in a 6 panel digipak cover featuring an original painting by the highly talented, upcoming, North England artist David Yates.


This is the rarest of achievements: a comeback album that actually adds to an already illustrious reputation... Out of True finds the Nightingales not merely back to their best, but actually improved - Telegraph 30/09/2006

The Nightingales are morally sound, cynically sweet, disturbingly comedic and, once you get your ear in, either taking the mickey or a lot handier than they are letting on... all carelessly and unconsciously cool, "Out Of True" is as true as it gets... this is a powerful and understated set of post-punk episodes in sound. Come see, come hear, come learn that alternative isn't always dog on a string, that punk isn't always middle class white boy on the make and that protest is more about protecting than threatening. In the end, Nightingales are grown men with something to say and sparse, post-punk soundtracks to back them. So, back them - Unpeeled (August 06)

They show up today’s runty excuses of art rockers for the soiled bags of old washing that they are - Kitten Painting (July 06)

Forget all these NME Band of the Week types, who make out they don't care, they won't compromise, etc, whilst wearing the same indie uniform and churning out the same tired old riffs. They don't need your attention. The Nightingales do. Because rock'n'roll rarely gets as uncompromising as this - Plastelin (June 06)