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Parking Defence System - Set of 5 Window Stickers


"Experimental" Parking Defence System sticker.

5 window stickers for the price of one and get your own Parking Defence System in place.

Window Sticker will be printed using three colours; black, yellow and grey.

Stick inside your windscreen, give a sticker to family, friends and colleagues..... and keep those pesky traffic wardens away.

How it works:

Gives parking wardens a nervous meltdown and frightens them away in a state of confusion.

However, if any bloody minded parking warden does chance it and issues a's what to do:

Take the parking ticket, pay the parking ticket and invoice the forces of darkness for your costs....£5,000. If they take your fine payment, they are then bound to pay you £5,000 costs. This is still at best experimental, but in theory...they wont give you a ticket as it will bind them into an agreement to pay you £5,000 if you pay your parking fine.

Just don't be an ass and park in a diabled space or obstruct other drivers trying to get out of a space themselves. Be considerate but don't let anyone give you a parking ticket by catching you out through confusing road markings or poor signage. Use in a responsible manner.

Like any Defence System, you do need some entry level ability to play mental chess. And it's a defence system, not something to use as a means of generating money or an excuse to park like an ass....all the time.

Legal Disclaimer: "For Pure Entertainment Purposes Only"