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Paul Stapleton - Chav

Image of Paul Stapleton - Chav


From spitting at passing cars on a busy roundabout to trading younger siblings' Disney DVDs at the local Cash Converters outlet, Chav follows the exploits of a group of Burberry-clad teens through garage forecourts, supermarket carparks, meat market nightclubs and finally an episode of Trisha.

Chav is an 86 page bleak but curiously affectionate look at the social underbelly of Knoxley Heath, and is written and drawn by cult graphic novel artist Paul Stapleton.

Paul Stapleton was born in Brighton in 1975. Raised on a daily breakfast of The Perishers, Dilbert, Calvin and Hobbes and the occasional Peanuts, his fall into the murky world of comic writing was inevitable. From a series of handmade minicomics during the mid nineties to a prolific slew of full-blown graphic novels since, Paul made a niche for himself by documenting the absurd, the idiotic and annoying in collections such as Facebook The Comicbook, I Must Rise Above These Divs and Defects, The Weekend Starts There and more, before going full circle and creating his own daily strip, Latchkey.