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TC Lethbridge - 2000TC T-Shirt (Limited Edition of 111 sHirtz)


John Higgs researched, wrote and published a book about TC Lethbridge called "2000TC: Standing On The Verge of Getting It On" There were only 111 copies and they were not for sale. There are no copies left.

To mark the occasion a year later (as opposed to making you wait for another 23 years) a Limited Edition T-shirt will be available, and better still, you will be able to buy one.

I should admit that the run of shirts is only happening so the band can give 1 free T-shirt (Like bands do) to John Higgs for writing a whole book about them. John works for 15 years, writes a whole book about the band's last 23 years, and he gets a free T-shirt as a swap. Fair's fair.

But while we are printing a shirt to keep a starving author happy, we are going to print enough to make 111 in total.

The Shirts will go on sale from November 23rd 2015 and when all 111 Shirts have been sold there will be no more.

The Shirts will be Black with a print on the front and a print on the back. All Shirts will be £8 plus any postage if you order before 23rd November. (After that date the price may go up to £11.10 plus postage)

You are welcome to pre-order at any time before 23rd November and shirts will be mailed out as they become available.

The T-shirts will be Black GILDAN Extra Tees. These shirts are heavyweight shirts that should withstand plenty of washing and wear.

Sizes available in small, medium, large, extra large and extra extra large.

If you want anything other than whats currently on offer email with your request and lets see what can be done.

This run will be limited to 111 Shirts so get them while you can. When they're gone, they're gone.